Davy Sicard

New album
Maloya – Creole Songs
Réunion Island

Fifth album of a series thought like the fingers of the hand, « Mon Zanfan » marks a new turning point for Davy Sicard. The artist opens the music box that has rocked his childhood to address universal themes through the lens of the family and delivers a bright opus.

It’s a music box that needs to be open delicately so as to hear the music of life. This box, Davy Sicard has long seen in the room of his mother. He was 8 years old when he succumbed to the magic of these few notes from the Swan Lake « le lac des cygnes ». Opening it again today in the introduction of his fifth album, the artist invites us as human being to question our most intimate: Childhood. The one we left behind with the good smell of the old Reunion Island. The one that we still feel sometimes vibrate in our hopes, our joys and our latent anger. The one that we’ve seen grown before our eyes, that will survive and to whom we’ll try to convey the best.
Between whirling waltz, reggae, blues or ballad, Davy Sicard floats upon the wind of lightness his maloya « kabosé ». Through a soft breeze, he takes by the hand the kid who sleep in all of us and tells him about happiness, transmission, the quest for perfection, appearance sometimes misleading, the unfailing optimism, passing time, family, love, politics … And in this Magic Roundabout, emotion sometimes flirts with the peaks.
Under its apparent lightness « Mon Zanfan » is the existential thread that seems to link the installment of Davy Sicard since his first album: « Ker Volkan » search for truth, « Ker Maron » search for personal identity, « Kabar » spiritual quest, and finally « Mon péi » collective identity quest. Accompanied by a documentary, this concept album Davy Sicard firmly anchored in the circle of advocates of Creole culture. He, the Reunion Malagasy and Indian origin born in the Paris suburbs.
True to his convictions, Davy Sicard today addresses universal themes through the family prism.

We Found in « Mon Zanfan » the ingredients that made the success of his previous albums: an artistic sincerity with an undeniable generosity stage accompanied by a sense of melody and an amazing voice to capsize even the non Creole hearts.

The Cultural engagement of Davy Sicard, is certainly where he is the most effective, In its opening to the world.
He was one of the first artists to have his Maloya * open to other sounds, broadcast on generalists national radios.
The fifth album of a series designed by Davy Sicard as the fingers of the hand extended towards each other, « Mon Zanfan » marks a turning point in the career of the artist. Light and delicate opus, he enthuses as he moves. He hangs a smile on the Maloya rhythmic dance or kabaré Malagasy and African influences and who can almost wipe away a tear through profound vocalism.

From rhythm to tears, a breath from Reunion Island. It is the music of life, which plays this precious emotion box, to the universe.

Isabelle Kichenin


Maloya: Music inherited slaves and now classified as a UNESCO intangible heritage